The auth module

This module contains the various data structures used for authenticating sessions. SeaIce doesn’t handle user accounts directly; instead, it utilizes third-party authentication services to make it easy for users log on with existing accounts. So far, only Google account authentication is implemented. To add other authenticator services – Facebook, OpenID, and StackOverflow to name a few – it will be necessary to restructure this code a bit (noted below). In addition, this will require changing ice a fair amount.

Verify the permissions of configuration file.
Contributed by Nassib Nassar.
Parameters:file (str) – File name.
Return type:bool

Get local db configuration. Contributed by Nassib Nassar.

Structure with DB connection parameters for particular roles. See the top-level program ice for example usage.
Parameters:config_file (str) – File Name.
Return type:dict
seaice.auth.REDIRECT_URI = '/authorized'

Variable prescribed by the Google OAuth API. TODO: To accomadate other authentication services, change this to ‘/authorized/google’ (also on

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