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Created 20 July 2013
Last modified 6 October 2014
Contributed by John Kunze


Definition: Singular of data.

How about considering a datum (individual data item is probably better way to label this concept for most people) as a proposition. Next question is should a data item necessarily be a fact? Submitted 14 April 2016
by Stephen
I would argue that photograph of the night sky is actually data-- a collection of propositions of the sort 'the luminance of the sky, viewed from lat1, long1 at time t, at sky coordinates theta, phi is x'. Use of the singular term to refer to a large collection of photos seems odd. Submitted 14 April 2016
by Stephen
A datum is a role played by a unitary proposition. A datum is a proposition that is taken to be, or asserted to be, true. A "value" may be considered to represent a datum such as the value of an object's temperature as recorded in an observation. This is asserted to be true, but of course the sensor may be off and make the measurement not reflect the reality of the situation. Submitted 14 April 2016
by Gary