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Created 9 September 2013
Last modified 23 October 2013
Contributed by Stephen Richard


Definition: a resource that conveys either the content of a resource (if it is a digital object instance), or provides a digital object that conveys the intention of the resource in a useful form for some user (machine or human...).

There is some idea of representation as a surrogate or a stand-in for the "things/entities/resources." One symbolically represent entities that exist in the world. But then that representation becomes a thing in the digital or language world and can be represented differently. The def above seems to be about this 2nd type of representing digital resources. Perhaps we should make this clear if that is the idea. Operations on and with representations substitute for operations on the real thing and, substitute for direct interaction with the world. But with digital reps we are substituting new operations with, say richer representations than with poorer ones like character strings. Submitted 14 April 2016
by Gary
I like your comments Gary, nice! Submitted 14 April 2016
by Jane
I was trying to construct a definition that reflects the problem that even if the representation is considered a surrogate for the resource (the second part of the proposed definition "or provides a digital object...."), that representation is inherently an object itself that in some context could be considered a separate resource. Submitted 14 April 2016
by Stephen