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Created 19 September 2013
Last modified 19 September 2013
Contributed by Stephen Richard


Definition: A logical test that distinguishes “the parts of an instance from the rest of the world by means of a unifying relation that binds them together (not involving anything else). (Guarino and Welty, 2000, p. 98)
Examples: For example, asking ‘Is that my dog?’ would be a problem of identity, whereas asking ‘is the collar part of my dog?’ would be a problem of unity”

Guarino, Nicola, and Welty, Christopher, 2000a, A Formal Ontology of Properties, in Proceedings of the 12th International Converence on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management, Dieng, Rose, ed.: France, Springer-Verlag. Available at http://www.loa-cnr.it/Papers/EKAW-2000.pdf. Submitted 14 April 2016
by Stephen