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Created 20 October 2013
Last modified 23 October 2013
Contributed by Stephen Richard


Definition: a network-accessible storage system in which digital objects may be stored for possible subsequent access or retrieval (Kahn and Wilensky, 1995, http://www.cnri.reston.va.us/k-w.html)

Additional notes from Kahn and Wilensky (1995): Repositories have official, unique names, assigned or approved to assure uniqueness by a global naming authority.
Note that a repository name is not necessarily the name of a particular host.
Submitted 14 April 2016
by Stephen
Should be qualify as a Digital Repository? It only holds digital objects. Submitted 14 April 2016
by Gary
change to Digital repository Submitted 14 April 2016
by Stephen
Can't go wrong with Kahn & Wilensky Submitted 14 April 2016
by Greg