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Created 19 February 2016
Last modified 3 May 2016
Contributed by Scout Calvert


Definition: A value of a Content Variance Profile (CVP) which indicates that previously recorded content may be corrected at any time.
Examples: CVP: correctable

Does "corrected" imply a log of changes made?
what qualifies as "correcting" and how is that different from "overwriting?" - see CVP: dynamic
if this does imply that original content and "corrected" content will both be retained/displayed
Submitted 14 April 2016
by Sandra
"Correctable" implies only that the depositor reserves the right to deposit an object that has had errors corrected. It makes no statement about logs or original content. Implicit in the term is the sense that the object is complete but may be changed only to correct, if errors are found. See also static. Submitted 25 April 2016
by Scout