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Created 6 June 2017
Last modified 6 June 2017
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Definition: (1) A process by which gases are deposited as a solid without first forming as a liquid (inverse sublimation). Surface hoar (SH) growth at the surface of the snowpack as well as recrystallization of snow within the snowpack (FC, DH) result from deposition of water vapour on ice. (2) The process by which snow is deposited on the ground either with or without wind action. As a result, stationary snow deposits such as snow dunes, snowdrifts, or the snow cover itself may form.  IACSSnow 

The process by which a vapour changes phase directly into a solid; resublimation is a synonym. See latent heat of sublimation.  IHPGlacierMassBalance 

(1) The change in state of matter from gas to solid that occurs with cooling. Usually used in meteorology when discussing the formation of ice from water vapor. This process releases latent heat energy to the environment. (2) Laying down of sediment transported by wind, water, or ice.  PhysicalGeography