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Created 6 June 2017
Last modified 6 June 2017
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Definition: Layering in glacier ice that has distinctive crystal sizes and/or bubbles; foliation is usually caused by stress and deformation that a glacier experiences as it flows over complex terrain, but can also originate as a sedimentary feature.  NSIDCCryosphere 

The layering or banding that develops in a glacier during the process of transformation of snow to glacier ice. Individual layers, called folia, are visible because of differences in crystal or grain size, alternation of clear ice and bubbly ice, or because of entrained sediment.  USGSGlaciers(ambiguous) 

Groups of closely spaced, often discontinuous, layers of coarse bubbly, coarse clear and fine-grained ice, formed as a result of shear or of compression at depth within a glacier. The two dominant types are longitudinal and arcuate.  Swisseduc