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Created 6 June 2017
Last modified 6 June 2017
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Definition: An area of floating ice of any size, which is greater than 10 km across. The characteristics, position and sizes of fields are described as separate zones.  Bushuyev 

A continuous accumulation of snow and glacier ice that completely fills a mountain basin or covers a low-relief mountain plateau to a substantial depth. When the thickness become great enough, tongues of ice overflow the basins or plateaus as Valley Glaciers.  USGSGlaciers(ambiguous) 

Area of pack ice consisting of floes of any size that are greater than 5.5 n mi (10 km) across.  WMOSeaIce 

Sea ice terminology that describes an area of floating ice, consisting of floes greater than 10 km across.  ECCCanada 

A large, level area of ice, either of sea ice ("more than five miles across") or an ice cap or highland ice.  AMSglossary 

Large level area of glacial ice found covering a large expanse of land. Similar in size to an ice cap but does not have a dome-shape.  PhysicalGeography