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Created 6 June 2017
Last modified 6 June 2017
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Definition: A mountain glacier whose flow is confined by valley walls.  NSIDCCryosphere 

A glacier that flows for all or most of its length within the walls of a mountain valley. Also called an Alpine Glacier or a Mountain Glacier.  USGSGlaciers(ambiguous) 

A glacier flowing down a valley and in consequence having a distinct tongue. The glacier outline is well-defined.  IHPGlacierMassBalance 

Glacier which flows down a valley.  WMOHydrology 

A glacier bounded by the walls of a valley, and descending from high mountains, from an ice cap on a plateau, or from an ice sheet.  Swisseduc 

A glacier lying primarily in a mountain valley.  AMSglossary 

A glacier which flows down a valley.  SPRI 

Accumulation area is clearly defined and limited by the topography; Ice free slopes normally overlook glacier surface; Follows a preexisting valley; Flows down a valley; the catchment area is well defined  GLIMSGlacier