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Created 8 September 2017
Last modified 8 September 2017
Contributed by Douglas Fils


Definition: Free text description of software, libraries, tools, and such that are provided by facility

Examples: "IRIS develops software as well as providing software created by others. https://seiscode.iris.washington.edu: data to convert data to and from data formats, software to evaluate the response to ground motion or other physical parameters where appropriate, software to assist data centers in data conversion or to generate metadata, analysis software for time series data, etc. Most data are open source and most are available under the lesser Gnu license. IRIS has desktop software in a variety of languages including, Fortan, C, C++, Java, Perl, javascript, Python, as well as other types of languages as well as a variety of web-based digital signal processing services, plotting packages, etc. Also provided are an NRL Tool and metadata building tools."